Luddite Linux

I’ve been toying around with the idea of a minimalist/retro-type linux distribution. All text. All terminal/command line based programs. Everything with vim-style keybindings. Most likely debian as a base (unless a custom lfs one is rolled). Working package list (newer):

  • Window manager: i3
  • Shell: zsh
  • Terminal: rxvt-unicode
  • Editor: vim
  • mail: mutt
  • www: links2
  • News: newsbeuter
  • Irc: irssi
  • Music: mpd+ncmcpp
  • Misc: cowsay, bsdgames

Another (easy mode):

  • shell: bash
  • terminal: xterm
  • editor: pico
  • mail: alpine
  • www: w3m
  • news: newsbeuter
  • music: cmus
  • irc/chat: finch

Will update with ideas as they come about.

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